Semen Padang Vs Barito Putera, Jacksen Speaking of Team Target

Semen Padang Vs Barito Putera, Jacksen Speaking of Team Target

Barito Putra coach, Jacksen F Tiago, claimed to be tasked by the management team to bring the club from Banjarmasin City finish in fifth place standings end of League 1.

Currently, Barito is in eighth position standings with Raihan 35 points.

That is, to get to the big five, there are three more steps that although climbed.

One of the processes to tread the stairs higher is in the cage Semen Padang, Monday (25/09/2017).

“Barito’s target is not only against Semen Padang, but playing in Padang is part of the process to reach the final target of League 1,” said Jacksen.

“I am assigned management to bring this team to the top five of the League 1 final standings,” said Jacksen told in Padang.

However, he admitted not easy to get points at home to Semen Padang, although the current host position far below his team.

Semen Padang is now ranked 14th with 28 points.

The last nine matches are used as a capital to avoid the relegation zone that now continues to haunt Hengky Ardiles and his friends.

“From the beginning, I predict Semen Padang to be one of the teams that will become champions,” said Jacksen.

“However, why Semen Padang like now I do not know maybe a regulatory transition that causes Semen Padang like this,” he said.

However, admitted Jackson, from a technical aspect, Semen Padang is a team to watch out for.

Because, this team has a quality coach and the players were experienced.

“We who come from far away, Banjarmasin, do not want to come with just a waste of money,” he said.

“We want to bring the best points and results at home to Semen Padang, but I know Semen Padang is one of the strongest teams although I know the problems they face,” said Jacksen.

Meanwhile, Barito Putra player Gavin Kwan said Semen Padang had a fast winger both left and right. This is a threat for Barito.

“I know Semen Padang has good and fast players, especially on the left and right wing,” Gavin said.

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