Month: October 2017

Guardiola: Sane Has Special Talent

Guardiola: Sane Has Special Talent

After a 3-2 victory in the game against West Bromwich Albion, Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola publicly praised the performance shown by Leroy Sane.

In the last seven matches The Citizens, German winger was successfully donate six goals and five assists. Sane contributed greatly to City’s victory at The Hawthorns, and the coach did not hesitate to praise the talents of the players.

“He is a man with special talents, he can run behind the opposing defenders,” the coach told reporters. “It’s important for our midfielders, to be able to do that.”

“He’s young, and there are still many things he can improve.”

Coming against AC Milan, Allegri Ultimatum Skuat Juventus

Coming against AC Milan, Allegri Ultimatum Skuat Juventus

Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri tries his squad against AC Milan in the 11th week of Serie A 2017-2018, at the San Siro Stadium on Saturday (28/10/2017). He asked his squad to keep the concentration and stability of the game if they did not want to lose the game.

Allegri’s remarks refer to Juventus’s 4-1 victory over SPAL at the Allianz Stadium, Turin, Wednesday (25/10/2017). Federico Bernardeschi opened the scoring for his side in the 14th minute.

Juventus widened the distance through Paulo Dybala (22 ‘), Gonzalo Higuain (65’) and Juan Cuadrado (70 ‘). The SPAL can only reply to one goal through the ball Alberto Paloschi sontekan (34 ‘).

“If playing and repeating this kind of performance against AC Milan, we will certainly lose, we will not work hard despite scoring many goals, we should keep the intensity and consistency of the game,” Allegri said.

“The game against SPAL made me think whether we found balance or rather it was a difficult picture of winning the Scudetto, we not only wanted to attack and defend, but also to maintain stability.” says Allegri.

Positive results make Juventus gain 25 points and occupy the third place in the standings. They are three points adrift of Napoli who ranks first.

Source: Italian Football

Tottenham Libas Liverpool, Pochettino Calling Squad Kian Self Confidence

Tottenham Libas Liverpool, Pochettino Calling Squad Kian Self Confidence

Tottenham Hotspur coach, Mauricio Pochettino, assessing his team more confident after crushing Liverpool 4-1 in a Premier League match at Wembley Stadium on Sunday (22/10/2017)

Spurs won 4-1 thanks to two-goal Harry Kane in the fourth and 56th minutes, as well as the addition of Son Heung-min (12 ‘) and Dele Alli (45 + 3′).

According to Mauricio Pochettino, the three points have a very positive effect for his team.

“Tottenham are starting to build confidence at Wembley, making Wembley Stadium a good home for us,” he said after the game.

The Argentine coach was satisfied with the game shown Harry Kane et al when beat Liverpool.

“We have been effective and aggressive since the beginning, we already know the pattern of the Liverpool game and our method of coping with them goes well,” he said.

Pochettino was still optimistic that The Lilywhites a great opportunity to end the competition as a champion.

However, he was reluctant to underestimate other teams such as Manchester City who helped enliven the prospective champion.

“Manchester City are very good, they have a great team and are trained by one of the world’s best managers,” said Pochettino.

However, he did not flinch.

“This is Spurs’ third season in pursuit of other teams in the title race, we are confident we can catch Manchester City because we are always focused,” he said.

Zola Criticism Into the Italian Skuat

Zola Criticism Into the Italian Skuat

Italian legend Gianfranco Zola admitted that the Azzurri team currently no longer has a good squad.

If they want to qualify for next World Cup 2018, the team must be able to win the play-off against Sweden.

And vice versa if Italy fails to qualify for the World Cup, Zola will not regard it as a tragedy.

“Obviously not,” Zola replied when asked if Italy’s failure to qualify for the World Cup, would be regarded as a tragedy.

“I remember when Germany were eliminated in the European Cup in 2000. The disappointment acted as a catalyst for their resurrection. German football has now returned to the top. ”

“The Italian national team is now too focused on results, and is no longer focused on performance. The quality within their squad is minimal. In my era, there are seven to eight alternatives to the position I occupy. “

Midfielder MU Debt Budi on Jurgen Klopp

Midfielder MU Debt Budi on Jurgen Klopp

Manchester United (MU) midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan revealed if Jurgen Klopp was instrumental in improving his career in football. Klopp is a coach who makes it able to play freely without the burden.

Mkhitaryan met Jurgen Klopp when he joined Borussia Dortmund in 2013, three years before moving to United. At that time, Mkhitaryan imported from Shakhtar Donetsk with the official reach 25.5 million pounds (Rp 457.99 billion).

Mkhitaryan explained that Klopp made him enjoy the football. “I chose Dortmund because they played interesting football and Dortmund has a great player and a great coach, Jurgen Klopp.” When I spoke with him I made the decision to accept Dortmund’s offer, “Mkhitaryan said.

“Jurgen Klopp told me to play freely and do not always think about football, so I understood the meaning of the words and slowly changed my game.”

“I am very grateful to Jurgen Klopp, he has helped develop my personality and mentality Klopp has made me a better player,” Mkhitaryan recalled.

Mkhitaryan and Jurgen Klopp collaborate for two seasons and produce a German Super Cup title in 2014. Now, the two figures will reunite but not as colleagues.

Mkhitaryan will strive to deliver MU beat Liverpool handled Jurgen Klopp in the eighth week of the Premier League match.

Source: Liverpool Echo

Ferdinand: Rashford Will Become Important Players MU

Ferdinand: Rashford Will Become Important Players MU

Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand believes that Marcus Rashford will be an important player at Old Trafford

The 19-year-old striker is one of the trust players of coach Jose Mourinho, and the former United captain sees an improvement from the player’s performance level.

“He is a great talent, and he performed well,” the Englishman told reporters. “He seems to be getting older. His performance improved, he appeared hungry, and this season he has more chances to play. ”

“He is someone who can be a great talent for United and England. He’s in the right place to do that. ”

“He gained support from fans, support from the manager, and the trust of the players. The more I see, the more new stuff he brings into his game. “

Fast Or Slow, Icardi Will Become Main Striker Argentina

Fast Or Slow, Icardi Will Become Main Striker Argentina

Inter Milan legend, Javier Zanetti, admitted never doubt the quality of Mauro Icardi. He believes, sooner or later 24-year player will be a mainstay of Argentina’s National Team.

Argentina play 0-0 against Peru in a match following the 2018 World Cup qualifying match South America zone, at Alberto Jose Armando Stadium, Buenos Aires, Friday (6/10/2017). In the game, Icardi just sitting sweet on the bench.

Zanetti also gave support to Icardi. He believes the player will get a chance to play for his country.

“Icardi will have all the time to be number 9 in Argentina.If you analyze the game against Venezuela, when Argentina has a chance, it’s always him and he provoked the opponent’s goal,” Zanetti told Sky.

In addition to Icardi, Zanetti also discussed competition on the front lines of Argentina. “Gonzalo Higuain? In my opinion, in the end, he will go to the World Cup, he just has an unlikely moment.”

“Can Lionel Messi play with Paulo Dybala? Jorge Sampaoli is just starting out as a coach, and he will have time to find a solution, hopefully he can do it by bringing Argentina to the World Cup,” Zanetti added.

Argentina itself is now ranked sixth with 25 points in the standings. They are adrift on goal difference from Peru who ranked fifth, or the play-off zone boundary. With one matchday left, the Tango team is in danger of failing to swing into the 2018 World Cup.

3 Most Spaniard Players Perform in the Premier League

3 Most Spaniard Players Perform in the Premier League

Manchester United (MU) midfielder Juan Mata has just reached a special milestone. He carved out his 200th appearance in the English Premier League.

Eyes do so after strengthening MU in the game against Crystal Palace at Old Trafford on Saturday (30/10/2017).

The Spaniard also marked it with special. He opened the Red Devils 4-0 victory.

Arriving at Old Trafford in January 2014, Mata recorded appearing in the English League 118 times with United. While the rest dilakoninya with Chelsea.

Although tall, Mata is not the most regular Spanish player in action in the Premier League. He still lost to his partner at United, David de Gea (207). There are also Fernando Torres (212) and David Silva (227).

After them, there are three names that recorded the most performance in the Premier League. Here they are.

Cesc Fabregas

Debuting at Arsenal at the age of 16, Fabregas is a Spanish player with most appearances in the Premier League. The figure who is now 30 years old has appeared in 317 matches.

Fabregas achieve it despite having returned home for the sake of defending Barcelona 2011-2014 period. Together with Arsenal, Fabregas appeared in 212 appearances. He then added to the collection by strengthening Chelsea in 105 parties.

Although more wearing Arsenal uniform, Fabregas achieve success with Chelsea. He won the English Premier League title 2014/2015 and 2016/2017.

Pepe Reina

Being second only to Liverpool goalkeeper of 2005-2013. For eight seasons at Anfield, Reina appeared full (38 games) on four campaigns.

Total Reina defended Liverpool in 284 games. The former Barcelona goalkeeper failed to taste the English Premier League title.

His best achievement was ranked second in 2008/2009.

Mikel Arteta

It has the same collection as Reina. However, Arteta achieved 284 English League appearances with two clubs.

After defending Everton in 174 games, Arteta wore Arsenal uniforms in 110 parties. Like Reina, Arteta also failed to win the English League. Best incision is to runner-up 2015/2016.

Artat can actually play more. Unfortunately his career disrupted his injury and forced him to retire last year.